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Learn to Swim at Malim Swimming Centre 

Our learn to swim programs available for:- 
  • Children
  • Adults
  • Competitive
  • One to One

Children - Aged 5 - 15 years

This class provides an early introduction to the water and is designed to help students feel comfortable and safe in the water and learn essential elementary aquatic skills. Skills taught include blowing and breath holding, front and back float, entering water independently, introduction to front and back crawl. Once students have mastered essential elementary aquatic skills, they will be taught stroke development for freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly stroke.
Give your child at least 6 months to learn the various swim strokes and to be able to swim confidently in the water.
Swim fees is on: (i) Monthly (4 lessons) ;or
                         (ii) Unlimited Lessons
  Swim lesson is based on one lesson per week, ie. 4 lessons in a month.
  Unlimited lessons
  - 1st 6 months
  - 2nd 6 months
  Swimmers signed up for Unlimited Lessons enjoy endless swim lessons in accordance to our Children
  Swim Schedule within the stipulated period.
(Advisable for parent/guardian to be around at the pool)

Adult - aged 16 years and above

Adult lessons are conducted in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and at your own pace. Our coaches will work within each individuals' capabilities both physically and mentally, adapt the strokes and achieve a comfort level within every session.
Swim fees is on course basis;  10 lessons 
Swimmers who have mastered all four swimming strokes are encouraged to enrol into competitive swim program. Swim program is designed to develop health, fitness and advanced swimming skills to a next level. 
Swim fees is on monthly basis.

One to One

One to One  class is available for children and adult. The whole duration of the swim course is on one to one lesson. 
One Swimmer One Coach
Swim fees is on course basis (10 lessons).
Course available for :-
  1 to 1 student;
  1 to 2 students;
  1 to 3 students;
  1 to 4 students.

 For further information, feel free to contact us.

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